Ted Forrest


From ultra-lower beginnings in the poker world, Ted Forrest has moved to the precise top of the ace ranks. At the age of 20, he was operational in an inn close to the Grand Canyon, driving to Vegas to play in humble diversions. In the long run, he moved to Las Vegas. Throughout his early years there, he won enough cash to pay for school training and in fact went to Lemoine College where his father had taught English.

Forrest has notoriety for being a raving success victory on the planet’s most amazing money recreations. He has both won and lost in excess of one million bucks in single sessions of poker, as he has in POOS. He additionally has a history of going in for challenge wagers. Some person once wagered that he couldn’t do a standing reverse somersault at the World Series of Poker, where he won $10,000. Forrest made a record running through the Nevada Desert amidst a temperature of 115 degree Celsius.

Forrest is great preferred around poker players, not at all in light of the fact that he monetarily backs a mess of commendable players. He is known for demonstrating down hands when others likely would not. It is said he has reproduced umpteen hands and knows the chances of playing every hand against all the various types of players.

Forrest has a rundown of amazingly prestigious poker triumphs to his name. In 1993, he won three gold wristbands at the World Series of Poker for Seven-Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo and Razz. In 2004, he won two occasions, Seven-Card Stud and No-Limit Hold’em, giving him what added up to five gold armlets. Notwithstanding his re-established life in playing competitions, Ted presses on to do great in high stakes money diversions. Individuals say he can play essentially any hand against his rivals.

Vanessa Selbst offers WSOP rookie 200:1 odds


Vanessa Selbst is on the claw for US$ 2 million if a twenty-year-old poker professional scores a hat trick at the World Series of Poker 2016 in Las Vegas. Vanessa, winner of 3 bracelets in career, offered Dzmitry Urbanovich of Poland 200:1 odds on US$ 10000 against him winning 3 bracelets in his very first year at the World Series of Poker. Phil Hellmuth, Puggy Pearson, Ted Forrest, Jeff Lisandro and Phil Ivey have won 3 bracelets in a year. Dzmitry could not utilize the World Series of Poker Europe.
While the bet could appear absurd, Dzmitry does have over US$ 4.2 million in lifetime event earnings before his twenty-first birthday. He has been doing really very well over in Europe, snatching US$ 4.1 million of his lifetime prize money in the year 2015.

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Pierre Jacques Arama boasts an enviable poker resume


Like other gambling platforms, poker presents a lucrative avenue for professional players to showcase their oeuvre to make sizeable earnings and clinch trove accolades. However, the obstacles to be navigated before you can even make it to high-profile circuit events like the WSOP are numerous and almost insuperable for average players.

Players who play with shrewd strategy are poised to undercut losses while propelling themselves to the echelon of the events. Though his trophy case is devoid of venerable medals like the WSOP, EPT and WPT titles, average players who look up to players on their equal footing but outstanding performance can check out Pierre Jacques Arama resume.

His initial principal event triumph came at the 2000 Master Classics of Poker that conferred him $63,471 as the winner. This paved way to the Late Night Poker televised show. When he showed up first, he placed fourth, besting Dave Welch along Joe Beevers. On the second trial he emerged third but managed to bring the final table down in the third attempt after beating Gary Jones in a heads-up battle. Continue reading ‘Pierre Jacques Arama boasts an enviable poker resumergb’

Veteran Jose Luis Velador is poised to win more


The 2014 WSOP Main Event held in Las Vegas will be among the biggest tournaments in the tournament’s continuum, attracting 6,683 entrants from over 87 countries its top prize was 10 million USDs.

The final players are conferred a 9th award money on arriving at the ultimate table while the remainder lies in an interest generating account and is channeled to the eight top players. Though not all players sail through to the top and wring out the lion’s share, those who trail in the near positions also get their share of the cake. Veteran Jose  Luis Velador bested the army of poker players in the WSOP 2014 where he placed 10th upon being eliminated at the penultimate November Nine tournaments. Continue reading ‘Veteran Jose Luis Velador is poised to win morergb’

Steve O’Dwyer belongs to the Class of Distinguished Poker Pros


Online poker in the US seemed to be bread and butter for multitudes of players until the sudden events of Black Friday changed everything. Steve O’Dwyer was conspicuously famed online as a professional poker player but was forced to shift to live events against the backdrop of the US Government’s crackdown on online casinos during the infamous Black Friday. When he changed his play platforms, his online aptitude ostensibly enables him win his games. Truly, poker is tough, this is incontrovertible viewing it through his credentials prism as he began to have cashes in 2007 at the PokerStars.com (Caribbean Adventure), placing 38th for $17,787. He also cashed 4 times at the WSOP that year and did the same thrice the following year. A look on how he has improved his credential would shed light on why he is becoming viral.

He final tabled at the WPT in 2009 in the World Poker Classics emerging 6th where he took home as high as $202,362. He unsuccessfully failed to win the NAPT at the Mohegan Sun’s stop in 2011 garnering $32,330 and placing eighth. But his eventual victory was at the Bellagio Cup (Las Vegas) that saw him win the No Limit Hold’em event for $259,452. This win stepped up his performance as he proceeded to win the EPT Barcelona €10K No Limit Hold’em event and netted 46,900 European Pounds, proceeding to the final table of the EPT London £5K tournament, finishing 2nd he went home with £465K. He also final tabled at the WSOPE Cannes where he was sixth in the €3K No Limit Hold’em Shootout to take home €36,357.

In 2012, he won the World Poker Tour in Denmark for above $50k. That year, the World Poker Tour Championship $25k Buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament gave him above 192k placing fifth. In 2013, his most remarkable win sufficed, he won the EPT €10k Buy-in tournament taking home a whopping sum of €1,224,000. With seamless and consistent play, his return heralds more winnings and titles to add on his belt.

Dag Martin Mikkelsen, started enjoying poker when he was a teen.


Like many players who have started their career in poker world when they were in their college studies, Dag Martin Mikkelsen who was born on June 25th in the year 1986 has started playing the poker game when he was at the age of 17. At that time he was attending his St Olav High School.  Even after completing his study in the high school he continued playing this wonderful game though he was continuing as the truck driver in the Army. He is the resident of Stavanger, Norway and now presently stood at the best player from Norway thus making the residents feel proud of him.

He was able to win one career title and also was able to manage winning nearly 26 cash prizes of which he was able to manage winning the cash prize sizing 6 digits. For example, in the year 2007, Event 55 – World Championship No-Limit Hold’em 2007 38th Annual World Series of Poker he was able to finish 42nd position at the final table and was able to win the cash prize of $237,865. Also he was able to win the cash prize of $780,000 through the EPT Grand Final Championship – Event 1 2009 PokerStars.com EPT Grand Final – Season V during the year 2009 on May 3rd. One other exciting cash prize he did was through the No-Limit Hold’em Main Event 2009 FullTilt.com Poker Million VIII in the year 2009 but during the month of December. In this he came 3rd at the final table and thus won another big cash prize of $200,000 which is definitely lovely number for him to take home.

No matter what difficulties he has faced for continuing in the game, he still stick to his most favorite poker game which he was playing even in the year 2012 during September month in the PokerStars – WCOOP 2012 Event No. 5 where he came in the 16th place with the simply lovely cash prize of $5,177.

Theo Jorgensen, best poker player with 10 years of winning history


Though Theo Jorgensen has completed his studies in Business at the college in Copenhagen he did not made his entry directly into poker. Rather he searched for many interesting games and has also worked in quite a different series of jobs which did not serve his needs for passion or for money. Later he joined a casino where he worked dealing with the cards with the customers who came to the casino for playing the poker games. After working for a while he slowly started feeling bored of doing the job and has made his mind to receive the cards than dealing them with the cards that the customers need.

As he has played the poker game for many years it did not take much time for him to decide to convert himself as the full time pro. His prolonged winning history of 10 years has fetched him many rewards and cash prizes that made him very popular in the poker world. In the year 2004, October, he came first in the Poker EM 7 Card Stud Championship final and has won the cash prize of $125,248. Two times, once in February 2006 and once in January 2007 the great player has won 4th position in two of the EPT events. In these two events he has played the No Limit Hold’em and won the cash prizes of $141,643 in 2006 and $177,225 in 2007. These are the two occasions where the great player has missed winning the title of EPT.

His latest achievement is in the year 2013 where he came 4th in the EPT London No Limit Hold’em Main event winning the cash prize of $275,383. While poker is his career, his personal life is more pleasant with having a hobby of listening to music of wide variety of selections. He also has special interest in competing in sports like tennis, squash, soccer and boxing.

Migration of chess stars to Poker


Poker though is an apparently basic diversion to take in and comprehend, the fact of the matter is that to turn into a fruitful player one must first take in more developed hypotheses and procedures to outperform. Regardless of the straightforward nature of the essential amusement play numerous numerical ideas might be connected to the diversion. The individuals who question that math has a spot in great poker necessity look no more distant than the remarkably numerical playing styles of WSOP victors Dan Harrington (additionally a previous chess player) and Chris Ferguson.

In the latest New York Review of Books the unbelievable chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov surveys Chess Metaphors: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind by Diego Rasskin- Gutman, examines the effect of machines on chess and different diversions. He qualities a piece of the bait of poker to the way that dissimilar to chess it has yet to be decimated by machines and maybe never will be. Kasparov estimated that chess is a hundred percent data diversion both players are familiar with constantly and along these lines straightforwardly defenceless to processing force. But poker has shrouded cards and variable stakes, making discriminating parts for chance, feigning, and danger administration. These may appear to be parts of poker built quite in light of human brain research and in this way resistant to PC attack.

Be that as it may, different chess players have turned their thoughtfulness regarding poker since it not only offers a mental test additionally a shot at far more excellent budgetary returns. As of late the Poker Stars website talked with one of their online players known as simona75. He’s a 34 year old London based chess International Master who in the wake of joining Poker stars a year back has picked up their prestigious Supernova Elite status.